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You’re the issue if you love paid versatile games and don’t buy Oddmar ($4.99). If engineer Senri had any sense, they would have delivered it on different stages like Switch first, and afterward gave it on cell phones perhaps sometime in the far off future. This is one of the most incredible-looking portable rounds ever. Furthermore, it’s an enjoyable activity platformer that any individual who often thinks about mobile gaming or simply believes a tomfoolery game should play needs to get it. It’s anything but a choice. This game is an unquestionable requirement purchase for all portable gaming lovers.

Intro to the Realm of Scandinavian

You control the eponymous Viking hero, an egotistical little boor who is compelled to carry out his responsibility when his whole town vanishes. The woods animals award him an otherworldly power that permits him to hop by tossing mushrooms, yet consequently, he likewise needs to save the wonderful woodland from detestable animals. This large number of targets lead to one extreme objective: to shut down every one of the disasters in their way and truly deserve to enter Valhalla.

PlatformiOS, Android, Steam
Special FeaturesSecret levels
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Some way or another, Senri figured out how to make his past game, Leo’s Fortune ($4.99), resemble a tech demo contrasted with Oddmar. The type of liveliness and detail present here is absolutely dumbfounding. The whole world feels energized, yet without feeling excessively occupied. Oddmar, the hero, has countless liquid activities to oblige his other developments. Nothing in this game feels like a half-measure. Everything feels invigorated. It’s maybe the most noteworthy 2D platformer put on a cell phone at any point, and it’s comparable to those dazzling 2010s. Rayman games with the nature of their activity. Honestly, this is unjustifiable to other game designers. What’s more, I’m not, in any event, referencing the completely energized and voiced cutscenes too. The designers pulled out all the stops to make Oddmar look awesome.

The activity isn’t simply a contrivance, supporting the game’s here. Oddmar really feels a little better playing with contact controls, with how Oddmar feels like it moves with the player’s finger. Something feels like a distinction while moving Oddmar with a joystick or d-cushion with the game’s MFi controls. Swiping up to pass on a mushroom to hop, particularly from dividers, additionally feels better. There’s nothing clearly off-base about the regulator controls. That is more a demonstration of the great work Senri and Mobge did to cause this to feel like a decent game on cell phones.

Oddmar Gameplay

Oddmar isn’t just about its looks. It tosses some fun platforming plans at the player. There are fun divider bouncing difficulties all through the game. A foe fills in as both a winding flight of stairs, yet something to overcome, yet it kills the body, so be cautious when you kill the head. A reward level is enjoyable, as it controls the player consistently, however not simply in manners intended to kill the player. Moving away from adversaries to gather more currencies feels fun.

The game’s mint piece gathering challenge finds some kind of harmony by persuading the player to collect as many coins as could be expected under the circumstances without causing a solitary lost coin to feel like the apocalypse. Furthermore, assuming you’re into speedrunning, a few levels have difficulties finishing as fast as expected. The supervisors are fun, as they don’t all include simply hitting an adversary yet confronting platforming difficulties and figuring out how to beat them.

Portable gamers, we don’t have games like this appearing on cell phones. Obviously, the possibility of ‘platforming’ is blurring as games get multiplatform delivers as a rule, yet cell phones recently feel like the odd duck. Why discharge a paid game first on cell phones when a group of people pays something else for it on different stages … and afterward delivering it on cell phones, individuals will presumably pay more?

With the ascent of allowed-to-mess around in gaming and the battle to sell paid games on cell phones, there may never be a game like this that dispatches first on cell phones, or they will become more extraordinary and uncommon. Purchase this game at the present time. It’s worth the effort, and perhaps assuming Oddmar is a triumph, it will show that designers can invest a ton of energy and assets into a more significant amount of these games and make it advantageous.

Oddmar Verdict

Oddmar Verdict
95 100 0 1
Oddmar is a fantastic platformer. Every penny is worth of it. Graphics and visuals are so majestic! You will have fun running through levels. It's gonna be creepy and thrilling sometimes, but I won't tell all the secrets, ha-ha. Enjoy.
Oddmar is a fantastic platformer. Every penny is worth of it. Graphics and visuals are so majestic! You will have fun running through levels. It's gonna be creepy and thrilling sometimes, but I won't tell all the secrets, ha-ha. Enjoy.
Total Score iAll criteria combined
  • Storyline
    100/100 The best
    The story has a plot twist. You will travel through worlds. You will get closer to a Scandinavian mythology. Every chapter comes with a cinematic trailer.
  • Graphics / Design
    100/100 The best
    Graphics deserve the highest scores. A simple 2D platformer look very smooth and colorful. If you are similar to Mario - then you will be definitely surprised by Oddmar game.
  • In-app purchases
    100/100 The best
    The first levels comes free. You can test the game and buy other levels if you want to proceed. And I bet you won't be disappointed.
  • Controls
    80/100 Very good
    Playing Oddmar on mobile is easy. But I want to see more useful buttons.


  • Awesome graphics
  • Well-traditioned platformer
  • Novelist-styled game


  • No DLC
  • Small equipment collection
  • No additional characters
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